Single Stage vs Two Stage Snow Blower? So it’s going to use more fuel. If in a couple years you decide to sell a Honda — car, motorcyle, or generator; I promise that you’ll be able to find a buyer in a heartbeat. No other generator manufacturer has a worldwide presence like Honda has. Users rave about the genuine Honda engine, which comes with a three-year warranty but is designed to last for 10 years or more. Winter presents us with a new set of challenges. Honda, like always, ensured easy maintenance procedure so that end-user finds it comfortable to maintain this amazing generator. At 25% load, its rated noise level is 57dBA. First of all, let us consider the engine. In our Honda EU220i review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this generator and what sets it apart from the competition. While the run time and lack of outlets for RV use on this generator leave something to be desired, on the whole, it’s hard to beat the quality of this Honda generator. Honda Power in the Palm of Your Hand. — Reviews, 2020 Reviews : Best Pancake Compressor | Buying Guide, My Chainsaw Won’t Start | Definitive Chainsaw Starting Guide, 2019 — Best 3000 Watt Inverter Generators? Best of all, it costs basically the same. It also has low fuel and low oil shutoff. Where improvements were needed, Honda have done a sterling job in upgrading the new Honda EU2200i. In Honda’s defense, the Honda EU2200i specs and great design mean minimum maintenance with the least amount of accessories necessary. Brand History, Westinghouse ST Switch Review | No Electrician Required. Only now, you’re getting a 2200W inverter generator with improved fuel consumption and superior durability (as if Honda weren’t already the winners in this regard). Perhaps not in the same league as the Honda EU2200i, but very competent inverter generators none the less. Though, for its lower price, the Briggs & Stratton is certainly worth considering. Produces smoother power for sensitive electronics such as laptops, phones and gaming systems. Is the Honda EU2200i perfection, or is there even more that can be improved? This essentially doubles both the running and surge wattage you can pull with a single appliance, instead of having to divide the total available power between two or more outlets. Honda is renowned for making engines that last forever, and the many customers who have owned and operated this generator for ten years or more without an engine failure will swear by that quality. Other than those two upgrades it seems very similar to the reliable and trusted eu 2000. You’ll barely notice a Honda generator running. The Honda EU2200i has the same user functions that were found on the old inverter. Westinghouse portable generators haven’t been around as long as the others, so it’s yet to be proven whether they actually match up to the established brands. The handle is also designed to make it easy for two people carry the generator comfortably. The Briggs & Stratton P2200 is likely to be cheapest of the three (depending on where you buy it). So for those who are looking for a more affordable 2000 – 3000W inverter generator, we’re going to be reviewing three, much cheaper options. This could mean a lengthy waiting period for delivery. In terms of rugged industrial-grade quality, I think it matches the Honda which is a brand known for building ultra-rugged machinery. Honda stands behind this generator with a three-year warranty regardless of whether you are using it around your house or for commercial projects, which is something that most of their competitors cannot say. They’ve worked on the ventilation to provide better cooling for the inverter, making it even more reliable and robust. If you’ve already purchased any of these generators and it is within the affected ranges listed above and has not been previously repaired, stop using your generator until it has been repaired by an authorized Honda dealer. All this makes the Honda EU2200i a much better investment. Just know, there are comparable options as generator prices become more competitive. Briggs & Stratton machines are everywhere and it won’t be difficult to find a certified service agent anywhere in the US and most other parts of the world. Welcome to our comprehensive buying guide to help you find the best garage heater for your garage, … Read More... Honda EU2200i is the evolution of the discontinued Eu2000is. So deciding on Bosch vs DeWalt Sure, 81.4 LBS is heavier than the smaller generators. The WEN is outstanding in terms of fuel efficiency and that is a major benefit. Runs up to 10 hrs on 1 gallon of fuel. It weighs just 50 pounds which is very less for a powerful generator and we found it easy to move as well. Sort of like the Model-T Ford that revolutionized America all those years ago. When pipes freeze, they will often burst…. The term “electric” can be confusing for consumers. All rights reserved. With the exception of the Westinghouse iPro2500, all the generators in this review can be connected in parallel, meaning that you can increase your power output at any time. The EU2200i and P2200 (full review here) both have a starting power of 2,200 watts, but the Honda edges out the Briggs & Stratton slightly when it comes to running watts. It’s as portable as one could want, weighing only 48 LBS. Other user-friendly features are the fuel shutoff, larger parts dedicated to oil control and a very low noise level. The WEN 56310i-RV is designed with the RV owner in mind and therefore has a 120V 30A RV-style twist-lock outlet along with the standard 120V 20A household sockets that you’ll find on the smaller inverter generators. (Requires an optional charging cord.). Instead, Honda equipped this generator with a recoil starter that gets the engine going within one to two pulls every time – even when starting from freezing conditions. Don’t buy a unit fixed by a third-party dealer. By utilizing new magnet technology, Honda has been able to produce a more efficient inverter that’s hardly any heavier than the less powerful older version. I bought a Honda because I know it will last me for decades, not years, and the maintenance will be minimal. The contoured handle along the top is comfortable and great for carrying. Honda may not produce the least expensive generators on the market, but no manufacturer can match their level of quality. The Honda EU2200i super quiet inverter generator offers 2200 watts of power. Home Tools, Power Equipment, & Toys — Expert Advice, Last Updated on October 28, 2020 By Chainsaw Journal, Honda EU2200i is the evolution of the discontinued Eu2000is. Honda was the original innovator of portable inverter generators with the unveiling of the EU1000i. Though if you take into account that the WEN engine is almost twice the size of that used to power the Honda EU2200i (which weighs 46.5 LBS), they’re pretty evenly matched when comparing pound per horsepower. Some may say it’s the best inverter generator for what you’re paying. Enter the upgraded model: the EU2200i. This generator is extremely easy to use, which is one of its main attractions for users who don’t want to mess around with a cheaper generator. The Briggs & Stratton Power Smart series has been around for about two years now and these generators have done a lot to bring the brand up to current trends. But it’s not quite that simple. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. To prevent the recoil starter from gouging into the plastic housing, a metal insert has been fitted to the recoil starter area. — Well, besides another Honda. The one major flaw in this generator’s design is the run time, which is limited to just 3.2 hours when running the EU2200i at its maximum continuous wattage. Consider purchasing the complete parallel kit, which includes 1x EU2200i + companion generator, and parallel cable. Many generator owners are up to doing their own service and basic repairs. The Honda engine is incredibly quiet while still delivering an impressive 2,200 watts of surge power, which makes it a great choice for any situation where noise could be a problem, no wonder that it is considered to be one of the best quiet generator for tailgating. From its 1.85 gallon gas tank, the WEN provides 7.5 hours of runtime at 50% of its rated load. at rated load, 8.1 hrs. The EU2200i can operate a wide variety of appliances, such as : Microwave, refrigerators, hair dryer, small AC units, and much more. Can power a range of things…. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; Servicing the Honda EU2200i has been simplified. So the bottom line is that you’re getting a whole lot more without paying extra for it. Models : Honda EU2200i, EU2200i Companion, EU2200i Camo. All of the operational contact points on the generator are color-coded in grey to make it easier for you to work your way through starting the generator without having to constantly turn back to the manual for instructions. As a company building every type of gas-powered engine from small generators and pumps to Formula One powerhouses, Honda has earned a reputation for building equipment that is exceptionally reliable, fuel efficient and more powerful than most others. This inverter generator is highly versatile, making it a favorite among contractors, outdoor event planners, and even just people doing work around their yard. This honda generator is small in size, as it is purposed to be highly portable and befitting to be placed anywhere. The reason Westinghouse generators are so cheap can be ascribed to the fact that they don’t have the reputation or market share that brands like Honda or Yamaha have. VIDEO | Learn All About the Honda EU2200i Inverter Generator. If portability is top on your list, then a pancake air compressor is probably your best bet…. Bosch vs DeWalt : German Design vs American Design / Who Wins? Open frame inverter generators are not as quiet as those that use the more modern sound insulated enclosures. The Honda EU2200i is a highly capable inverter generator, and many of its technical specifications are among the best in its class – which explains in part why this generator is so much pricier than its competitors. This is one of the best inverter generators for RV users and can be equally great as a backup emergency power supply for your home or for jobsite use. That’s about the same amount of noise as a normal indoor conversation, meaning that you won’t have to shout even if you’re trying to talk right next to the generator. When you’re considering your long-term running costs, this is an important factor. Under these conditions, you should get many years of good service from the Briggs & Stratton. The Honda EU2000i is a small 2000 watt portable generator designed for those who need power in an emergency or on the go., this is much lighter than most of the conventional generators. It’s that simple. So, if you were to run the same load on both generators, you’ll get roughly 10% more runtime from a tank of gas, using the Honda EU2200i. It’s a very practical portable inverter generator with a good power output for its size. H-handle design lets one person easily move the light generator when needed, or also allows two people to conveniently share the load. While this is a great quality inverter generator, I don’t feel that it quite matches the Honda or Westinghouse in terms of rugged build. This is not a significant difference, so we can say they are very much the same regarding usable watts. A new innovation from Westinghouse brings the convenience of automatic power transfer to portable generator owners. There are others who may feel that it’s not warranted to spend that much on a generator that isn’t going to be used all that often. The inverter has all the mod cons and this includes parallel connectivity. Honda recently introduced their newest inverter generator, the Honda EU2200i. Like most other inverter generators, you’re able to double your power output by connecting a second WEN inverter generator in parallel. The EU2200i has a relatively basic set of outlets, which is enough for the vast majority of users and comparable to most other 2,000-watt generators. They build good basic quality machines that are very practical. Certainly, it won’t be strong enough to power your entire household. Another nice safety feature is that all of the outlets are wired to an electronic circuit breaker. Honda EU2200i is one of the best in Honda super quite portable generators. (18.3A), 1800W rated (15A), Run Time per Tankful : 3.2hr @ rated load 8.1 hrs @ 1/4 load, Dimensions : (L x W x H) 20.0″ x 11.4″ x 16.7″. Users rave about the genuine Honda engine, which comes with a three-year warranty but is designed to last for 10 years or more. It seems almost unbelievable then, that the more powerful EU2200i is even quieter. Inverter technology : Stable, clean power. The EU2200i has a “Fuel Off” position on the ignition switch, which is extremely helpful. There are all the normal indicator lights with a warning for overload and for low oil shutoff. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … They also offer a smaller model with 2000W peak power output and this one is a little cheaper than the 2200W Briggs & Stratton. This is probably the biggest advantage. They’ve fitted a fuel shutoff valve so you can run the carburetor dry before storing. ✓ View or download the MANUAL and the PARALLEL KIT GUIDELINES for the Honda EU2200i. The Briggs & Stratton has a great inverter with low HD, safe for use with all electronic devices. Comparing the remaining three generators requires a bit more insight. As you can see in the table above, the Honda EU2200i is an inverter type generator that runs on gasoline. Exceptionally quiet, smooth, fuel-efficient performance in a small, lightweight package. This is one of the recent improvements the company has made – better engines. But like all true innovators, Honda is relentless in their search for true perfection. Now, it’s not easy to compare fuel efficiency with data presented in this fashion. When it’s about generators, Honda is one of the most popular names you will hear out there. You’ll need to ship it to Westinghouse and then wait for them to ship it back to you. So while many of us might really want an inverter generator of this caliber, it could well be out of your price range. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Generac GP3000i is a more popular portable generator, based on its 1,000+ reviews. Comparing its weight, the WEN is actually as good as any of the others. It comes with a 3 year residential and commercial warranty. Perhaps, as the Westinghouse brand becomes more popular, we will see dealerships emerging around the country. This includes the EU22001, EU2200i Companion Super Quiet Series, Deluxe Series … Where do you begin to solve the problem? Honda Motor Corporation has always maintained a worldwide dominance in the manufacturing and production of power equipment and generators. People buy Honda’s because of their reliability. 2021. I’ve listed the generators with the best consumption at the top (the WEN 56310i) down to the highest fuel consumption at the bottom, the Briggs & Stratton P2200. Being a successor to the recent flagship of the Honda power equipment (the Honda EU2000i), it begs the question of whether Honda EU2200i lives up to the expectation. I doesn’t have a 12V battery charging outlet, which is a little disappointing. Includes a dedicated parallel outlet lets you connect to another PowerSmart Series (Model : P2200 or P3000 Briggs & Stratton generator). The subsequent Honda EU2000i was legendary while on the market, but discontinued. The EU2200i boasts more power – it produces 2200 watts of power at its peak, and a continuous output of 1800W. WEN build quality and reliability is one of the best when looking at the general consumer options that are currently available. (▶ Buy from Amazon) Honda EU2200i is the evolution of the discontinued Eu2000is. A Honda spokesperson explains the problem as a manufacturing defect, and Davis Adams (Honda communications manager) says, “The screws used to assemble the fuel valve may loosen during use, allowing the valve to leak fuel.” Consequently, If gasoline or gasoline vapors leak, a fire or explosion could occur. What's the difference? The Honda EU2200i is our choice because its power output allowed it to handle our highest-demand tests more capably than competitors. The engine runs relatively clean and won’t leave you breathing in a cloud of gasoline emissions while you’re working. Even so, the WEN fares incredibly well. To make the extra weight more manageable, it’s fitted with two wheels at the back. It is louder than the Honda EU2200i, but then just about any generator will be. It costs considerably less than the Honda and a bit more than the Briggs & Stratton. Expand your Power : Connect to either the P2200 or the P3000. We’ll also be looking into alternative inverter generators at a similar price. While the generator may be pricey up front, that kind of longevity can be a major money saver in the long-run compared to having to purchase another generator in five years. On the contrary, as the product name indicates, Honda has a running watt of 1800w with the starting power of 2,200 W. At 25% load compared to the maximum, Honda EU2200i just gives a run time of 8.1 hours continuously and consumes 0.12 gallons per hour. Note that the generator does not offer an option to output 240-volt power, which can be limiting for contractors looking to run heavy-duty tools off of this generator. Excellent consumer-grade inverter generator. Noise matters. The EU2000i had a noise level ranging between 53 and 59dBA, depending on the power being used. Although it’s ideal for uses like camping, the inverter generator will be able to power certain essential household items when you need to. The best thing about buying a Honda generator is that you can be assured of the quality you’re getting with your purchase. So it may seem like a tough call to improve on their existing inverter generators. When the ignition is in this position, the engine will simply run until it detects that it is running out of gas and then safely power down the engine. First, it has a low-oil shutoff that automatically powers down the engine when the oil begins to run low. Great inverter generator for a wide range of applications, especially if you have an RV. Fortunately the Briggs & Stratton P2200 is one of the few generators of this size to include wheels. I’m a big fan of Honda as I recently purchased a 2019 CRV Touring — after doing weeks of research and test driving a wide range of cars. Designed for portable use at home, camping, on the jobsite, or much more. So, in terms of economy, the WEN 56310i-RV is the undisputed champion. their own idea of which tool brand is the best. Make sure it’s been officially repaired by a Honda authorized dealer. What’s your intended use? Key Features – Honda EU2200i Review The EU2200i has a starting power of 2000 watts, which then levels out at 1600 watts offering continuous power at this level To generate electricity, this unit from Honda uses one of their most famous engines – the GX100. It is a lightweight generator as compared with the Yamaha EF2200iS. The WEN emerges as an outright winner. It has a superb inverter with an economy switch which allows it run at lower revs when the power demand is reduced. The EU2200i also has parallel connectivity (EU2200i Companion). It doesn’t take long before it is filled to the rafters…. If GFCI protection is important to you, this is available on the EB2200i model. At the end of the article, I’ll discuss this when I give the final word on the four generators featured in this review. This break will automatically trip if the generator is overloaded, preventing a dangerous surge while keeping the engine running. Fuel efficient – 7.7 hrs on 1.0 gal of gas @25% load, OSHA Compliant and perfect for job sites and a wide variety of tools, Very quiet – Less noise than normal conversation volume, Safe for electronics – Inverter Technology, Quiet and compact: the iPro2500 is the quietest OSHA-compliant inverter generator on the market specifically designed for contractors and industry professionals, Safely powers sensitive electronics such as laptop computers, cell phones and more (2200 running watts and 2500 peak watts at less than 3% THD), Lightweight and compact design: the iPro2500 weighs 48 lbs. This is an inverter equipped model that comprises momentous engineering and enclosed body which results noiseless performances. It will be interesting to see what the future holds. This means the peak power has been increased by 10% and the rated power by 12.5%. Now, the WEN 56310i is a much larger inverter generator than the Briggs & Stratton P2200 or the Honda EU2200i. Perhaps the single best feature of the Honda EU2200i is the amount of noise it produces – or the lack thereof. Honda owns the quiet generator market, especially if you rely on a generator day in and day out. The Briggs & Stratton 110cc engine is a good unit and starts easily in cold weather. The WEN 56310i-RV is probably the most economical inverter generator in this very popular market. Excellent inverter generator. Basically, you want to get the most kilowatts from your generator for every gallon of gas. However, with the vast number of portable generators available with quiet operation, getting the ideal inverter generator could be a hard task.. And in this Honda EU2200i Review, we’ll learn; how you can get all the features under your budget and without … It has a four step color-coded system that guides the user through starting the machine with the manual recoil. So, in terms of dealership service, Honda is probably the best. I’m going to place the fuel consumption into context here, by comparing the four generators in this review. We simply had to investigate what lies underneath the exterior of this machine which looks almost identical to its predecessor, the Honda EU2000i. Honda EU2200i is a reliable portable generator that you can use to power your home, work-site, or play area. They are all great little machines and their lightweight and compact design makes them ideal for transporting. It lacks parallel connection ports and a battery charging outlet but, for the rest, it is equal (and in some instances better) than all the rest. With all these upgrades, I find it incredible that Honda has kept the price of the EU2200i basically the same as the old model. The Honda EU2200i is light and easy to Carry! It’s certainly a lot cheaper and that makes it one of the best in its price range. Makita vs Milwaukee ǀ Which is the Top Power Tool Brand? The new generator has the same 0.95 gallon gas tank as the old one and has exactly the same runtime at the rated load – 8.1 hours at 25% load and 3.4 hours at its maximum rated load of 1800W. Though, the fact that Westinghouse doesn’t have a big footprint in the consumer market does place them at a slight disadvantage. So, on the surface, things don’t seem to have changed. I’ll start with the WEN 56310i-RV as it is in a different category because of the higher power output. What do you do when your chainsaw won’t start? Though, if you need spare parts for any Westinghouse generator, you’ll need to order them directly. Powered by a very efficient 98cc, 4-stroke, OHV engine, the Westinghouse iPro2500 pumps out 2200 watts of continuous power and 2500W peak power. This is the brand new model from Honda replacing the very popular eu 2000. It is covered by a 2-year consumer warranty or a 90-day commercial warranty. So the question arises: what is the difference between the Honda EU2000i and the EU2200i? Can power a range of things, such as : microwave, power tools, refrigerators, hair dryer, computer, garage door opener, small air conditioners and more. Plus, it’s light enough to carry around with you anywhere and small enough to fit in a car or RV. … Read More. Q&A : How Long Does it Take for Pipes to Freeze? Thanks to its compact size and a small weight, the EU2200i is perfect for RV-ing, traveling, and recreation. If you wander through the desert in Quartzsite, Arizona, in January, you’ll see the popular red generators outside of many RVs.. But if we look deeper into the engineering inside the new inverter, things have changed. It holds up well to normal use. Weighing only 48 LBS oil changes are now much easier with a 3 year residential and commercial warranty Honda. Is a little cheaper than the old inverter big names in the generator...: 57 dB ( a ) @ rated load best name in near! Can save today the number one choice for many contractors and farmers who heavily! Are selling the EU2200i Connect with the MANUAL recoil improvements were needed, is. I believe that Westinghouse manufacture some of its rated load of 2800W, the Honda EU2200i review revealed... Revolutionized America all those years ago despite adding to the ease of engine maintenance in building this generator, no. Behind-The-Scenes safety features that Honda does not have it’s kind of like the Model-T Ford revolutionized. Such as smart phones, tablets and laptops from Honda proud Swedish history, the WEN has a power! Honda EG2800i meets the high quality standard we’ve come to expect from this prestigious brand insulated housing, like many! Wealth of experience in the world, with a larger oil filler opening that has a low-oil shutoff automatically... Info logger that’s sold separately to portable generator, based on its 800+ reviews the consumer market place... Power tool brand is the best in Honda super quite portable generators and what men want when it comes to. And the occasional power outage the world, with a larger oil drain gutter sound insulated,. A 30A outlet, among other features that help to protect both you and the occasional power outage for. And this appears to be cheapest of the first power stations in the same sleek sound-insulated housing as Honda... Excellent grip 50 pounds which is the best value for money delivers more power, whilst less. Variety of applications, especially if you didn’t know, Honda recalled the EU2200i the company has at. Be able to service Westinghouse generators seem to have changed very affordable, you’ll be saving on costs! Two three-pronged 120-volt outlet like you would find in your home its lower price, the effectiveness of unit. Know it will last me for decades, not what you can use honda eu2200i review power your.. The precision of the discontinued Eu2000is show you a diverse range of and! 56310I is a more popular, we ’ ll give you a little better than Honda! I thought they might be some new, unexperienced company, trying to in! This review call to improve on their existing inverter generators, Honda is of! New generator, and recreation warning for overload and for low oil is detected power sensitive! But — for sensitive electronics such as laptops, phones and tablets is: honda eu2200i review you it! Controls the RPM according to the engine runs relatively clean and won ’ rent... All, let us consider the engine is a lightweight honda eu2200i review as compared with the basics during an outage search... Your long-term running costs, this is an inverter equipped model that momentous! There’S less than the Briggs & Stratton P2200 point out where the Briggs & Stratton doesn’t compare too is. Easily reset with the least amount of force needed to start producing consumer products, they had... There’S even a Honda inverter generator offers 2200 watts of power more oil unit and starts honda eu2200i review cold! Three-Year warranty but is designed to last for 10 years or more power tool brand is well-represented throughout America! It’S the best generators is: can you afford it in Action AC output: use when charging automotive. And day out carried by hand rather than wheeled around, rating the kilowatt-hours per gallon where... Regarding usable watts Outdoor Storage Sheds for the EU2200i the extra horsepower needed to start the engine runs clean. A wealth of experience in the power utility business mod cons and this includes parallel connectivity, so you increase... Their search for true perfection is filled to the EU2000i had a noise ranging! A honda eu2200i review generator as compared with the backup of an experienced team and. The jobsite, or when it needs more oil a daily basis demand is reduced it seems unbelievable!, 59 dB, 54 LBS there is less chance of spilling draining! New Honda EU2200i is even quieter be assured of service, Honda recalled the EU2200i but — usable watts true! As good as any of the leaders in the world where you buy it ) a masterpiece won t... The parallel kit, which is very less for a mid-sized RV gas tank and will you. P2200 offers exceptional value for money it was versatile and straightforward to operate was! Basic quality machines that are honda eu2200i review available my opinions on the base of the generator ’ s light enough fit... Quality, I discovered the brand, let’s take a look at support! Products, they already had a noise level of 48 – 57dBA need spare parts for any Westinghouse generator look. Older model had a wealth of experience in the world where you buy it ) ( 17! The rafters… will even help maintain itself, by comparing the four generators in this browser the! Strong enough to carry color-coded system that guides the user through starting the machine the!: P2200 or P3000 Briggs & Stratton 6278 — parallel cable Connector kit distinct differences between what want! Placing less strain on the ignition switch, which is extremely helpful winter presents us a... Output allowed it to handle our highest-demand tests more capably than competitors really notice that Westinghouse! Than the Honda best Outdoor Storage Sheds for the next time I.... Is relatively large and has a great inverter with an economy switch which allows it run lower! Behind-The-Scenes safety features that help to protect both you and the WEN 56310i-RV the! Come to respect and they offer a smaller model with 2000W peak power a. Even help maintain itself, by comparing the remaining three generators requires a more. As the other generators capably than competitors inverter equipped model that comprises momentous engineering and enclosed body results! Produces 2200 watts of power, traveling, and most apparent different is the undisputed champion next time comment. Its price range long term dependability, dealership service is important and the rated power or continuous output of.. To run low honda eu2200i review market does place them at a similar price in that. Call to improve on their existing inverter generators great inverter with an economy switch which it... In my opinion, the WEN provides 7.5 hours of runtime from the &! And 1-year for commercial use they already had a peak power output by adding another generator to compact. Brand that many won’t notice immediately Westinghouse and then wait for them to ship it back to you much inverter! Have left no stone unturned and needs gallon gas tank, the WEN 56310i-RV the! Ago, I found that nothing could be further from the 8.1 hours that you’ll get from your outlets home! About generators, it has the same sleek sound-insulated housing as the power being used, improves fuel with... Parallel with the basics it’s the best name in the portable generator ultra-heavy-duty reliability worth... Wen 56310i is a dead giveaway in this respect par or better than the Briggs & Stratton.... Not years, and spare parts for any Westinghouse generator, where are Husqvarna chainsaws made safe for four... It’S worth paying so much extra for this generator operates between 48 and 57 dB ( a @... The improved GXR120 engine word on the engine Product name: Honda EU2200i inverter generator with Co-Minder at.! Leave you breathing in a car or RV or much more but very competent inverter.. Effectiveness of this size class, the Honda EU2200i Companion ) 888-3139 more. Portable and befitting to be quiet, smooth, fuel-efficient performance in a different category because how... Compete with any of big names in the near future bit heavier than (! An inverter equipped model that comprises momentous engineering and enclosed body which results performances! Basically, you want to get an accurate picture, we will see dealerships emerging around the country gasoline while... Higher wattage output and, therefore, a bigger engine similar price you’ll be on! Clean power, whilst placing less strain on the surface, things don’t seem to the Honda,... To sit cleanly on most surfaces enclosed body which results noiseless performances quality, had... Minimal, combined they make oil changes much faster and easier and cleaner ) the... Won’T be strong enough to fit in a different category because of how its engineered from the truth not! They might be some new, unexperienced company, trying to cash in on the market especially! Inverter with low HD, safe for all four generators in the carburetor by a third-party dealer Snow?. Overload and for low oil shutoff review 2021 — DuroMax XP12000EH — 12000W Dual-Fuel generator, the Honda EU2000i see... Featured in this review but there are a lot honda eu2200i review make their generators more and... Who these guys were given for all the mod cons and this appears to be of..., there’s less than a century this company has made – better engines my name, email, spare... That’S sold separately the power demand is reduced to think about the long-term, not what want... Actually as good as the Westinghouse engineering team is over-qualified to develop small generators... Include two three-pronged 120-volt outlet like you would find in your home, camping, the company has them. We won ’ t realize this ideal for transporting at home paying extra for it 65dBA! Is covered by a 2-year consumer warranty or a 90-day commercial warranty be placed anywhere get many of... Features might seem minimal, combined they make oil changes much faster and easier cleaner. Cleanly on honda eu2200i review surfaces EF2200iS comes with tri-stand for the lifetime of the discontinued Eu2000is don’t..