You receive a beautiful, modern and clean web design that will inspire everyone visiting your website. Make the most out of it. Connect has a very distinctive look which you can take to your advantage and stand out from the masses. Incorporate your imagination in the Zeta web design and you might use it for something entirely different. Site Templates … Dup’s comprehensiveness is key to your online success. This list has 99 of the best free, open source HTML website templates that can help. Unlimited access to 80+ responsive site templates (including everything at HTML5 UP), plus extras and support for just $19.. Start Browsing Tags: admin, admin dashboard, admin template, admin themes, … This is an HTML template that may not cost you a dime, yet it still appears very premium-like. Bluesky is a modern and up-to-date template with all the right content and features you may require to complete the creation of your page fast and reliable. Businesses, Professionals, Graphic Designers. This website layout is vivid with a white background and red... Grad School HTML template is designed for educational websites. Start Editing Preview. From home and shot details, to checkout, cart, tracking and even complete blog section, yes, that is all you get in the Listashop bundle. Still, it needs to be mentioned that Fancy, along with the nifty home page, also has other inner pages. The design is clean, minimal and innovative, perfect for an inventive individual. No matter which chapter of your page visitors are checking out, they can click the download in an instant. Sure, the level of possibilities will not be as high as with all those multipurpose HTML website templates. Why complicate if you do not have to? Latest 146+ are Bootstrap templates that are responsive HTML5 mobile-ready CSS layouts. But let users reach out to you using the Google Maps and functional get in touch form packed contact page. For your information, you can effortlessly use the former as an independent website. If you are helping people get their driver’s license, Dreams is the tool that will help promote your business online. Mix it with your outstanding photographies and you will march toward success like a winner. Bobsled will fit startups, local businesses, creative professionals and many more in between. Aroma is entirely free of charge, based on Bootstrap Framework and easy to use. Gym2 includes a slider, pricing tables, gallery, drop-down menu, social media icons, tons of practical elements, a working contact form and Google Maps for showcasing your location. Since it is an HTML template, it can handle videos easily. There are also a working contact form, pricing tables and social media icons integrated into the web design. One thing is for sure, with Sona, you will shine online with all of your light. Indeed, this is an HTML template that does require coding knowledge to turn it into a functional website. There is an about us, service and team section, place to display your prices and even a blog. Personal also comes with a blog which you can use for all sorts of stuff, like telling your personal story while simultaneously incorporating content marketing into it. Fashi comes with slider, call-to-action buttons, countdown timer, drop-down menu, Instagram-ready feed and social media icons. These templates are an exceptional resolution for creating an internet site for motel trade, guest condominium, room, calm down the situation, and online resort booking provider as good. If you fancy the look of Constructo as is, you do not really need to change anything. Create an online education hub with Etrain and spread knowledge worldwide. However, Flone allows you to perform any customization tweak and improvement you fancy, making it follow your regulations to a T. You can use Flone for selling anything, from fashion and accessories to furniture, electronics, food and cosmetics, amongst many other items in between. Razo sports sticky navigation, multi-level drop-down menu, mega menu, large slideshow, weekly schedule for radio stations and parallax effect. Not only does Martine comes with a wonderful home page design, but you will also find predefined layouts for about, packages, blog, tour details and more. While you can employ MenzTailor exactly as it comes out of the box, indeed, you can also take things to a different level by customizing it accordingly. Still, for as long as you keep the footer copyright intact, you can also tailor TimeZone to your needs and regulations precisely. Creative Website Templates. Of course, you will experience the swiftest results if you stick to the default look, but doing your thing by improving it accordingly is also an option. Awesome Bootstrap and AMP themes for your non-profit and commercial projects! Dinomuz is an HTML template for all the creatives out there and then some. In fact, you can use this magnificent and powerful site skin for anything, like restaurants, shopping, hotels, spas, you name it. There are different inner layouts, too, for courses, instructors, blog and contact. Landing rocks a one-page layout what allows you to display all the info and data on a single page. Whatever the case, Appy ensures you, your app and your users are treated right. Job Board 2 promises a killer website that will help you grow your project idea to new heights. From navigation and all the way down to the footer section, Startup has all the must-have sections and elements. Of course, you can also go niche or stick to a general directory website, Directing handles them both with ease. Instead, get your hands on Aroma and enjoy using all its advantageous perks. Spark everyone’s interest in the snap of a finger and raise your potential without a hassle. Men’s fashion and bespoke tailor business, MenzTailor is a spectacular free HTML website template that creates an outstanding outcome. Hey, visit the live demo preview and see Studylab in full effect. Responsive, flexible and cross-browser compatible, powered by Bootstrap Framework and optimized for speed, that’s Robotics. For a free tool, Drimo is an extraordinary product which bulges your eyes and makes your jaws drop. The outcome will work flawlessly across all devices and platforms. You have it all at your disposal what helps you avoid making a site from scratch in its entirety. Aranoz is a free HTML website template which specializes in online furniture stores. The code of Unicare is also well-structured, so you will have a little breeze using it. If you have a gathering that you need to promote, do it with style and create a sophisticated website by using all the perks that Meetup has in store for you. Homepage has a full-size video banner with 3 rollover content boxes at the... Catalog-Z is free photo video HTML template based on Bootstrap 5 Alpha 2. Moreover, if you would like to start a blog and introduce content marketing, you can do that, too. It could be a mobile, a web or a desktop app, whatever you bring to the table, it is Unapp that will help you bring it to the internet. Full-screen background image, animated statistics, call-to-action and floating menu, it’s all at your fingertips. Of course, you need to invest some work to turn it into a working website but as far as the looks go, leave Sierra as is. Free Templates HTML Templates Links Contact. Seriously, this item has it all and everything for you and your web space needs. It is a Bootstrap Framework template what gives it flexibility and extendability. It lets you easily create lots of pages such as Home, About Us, Services, Portfolio, Team, Contact and more! Whether you have a weekend-only business or a full-blown landscaping firm, with Lawncare, you can bring into being a website that will help you market your services. You can use Frame with small businesses and agencies. Who does not think about the yummy treat when reading Go Crepe? Increase the hype early enough with a solid website, sell-out event tickets and make your upcoming conference a success. It is a free HTML website template that comes ideal for building an online fashion or apparel store. Templates are web designs that you can customize with your own content. The most minimal above the fold section in combination with beautifully displayed content on scroll will undoubtedly spark everyone’s interest. Not only will you find a ton of inspiration from our best free HTML website templates, but you will also build fantastic websites with them. Share your clients’ testimonials, build customer trust and capture visitors’ emails with the integrated newsletter subscription box. Ronaldo has a very neat above the fold section with the typewriter effect and a scroll down button (w/ animation). Even when using it out of the box, the outcome will be a phenomenal page that will spark all your users’ curiosity. Whether you would like to sell clothing, accessories, shoes, furniture, you name it, do it with Coza Store. Lots of space is there for images and videos. Unlock a whole new horizon of possibilities with Unlock free multi-purpose Bootstrap 4 website template. Vanilla CSS Template is a parallax Bootstrap v4.2.1 layout in an ocean blue color theme design. Get things done your way and have your entire web presence under total control with Personal. Instead of rocking a multi-page website, display everyone on one page with Digilab. You will find this page skin outstandingly amazing out of the box, catering to different tastes with ease. Slider, call-to-action buttons, parallax effect, animated statistics, courses and student testimonials are all the different amenities of Fox. Minishop is organized and user-friendly, making sure everyone out there gets the most out of it. It is also fully mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible to always work seamlessly no matter the device and platform they use. Here you will find the best…. Creative agencies and freelancers, Grunt is a free HTML website template that takes care of the design part of your website. Rok is a professional content creator and an enthusiastic marketer who spends most of his day behind the screen, drinking coffee and listening to black metal. Present your dishes in the best possible light and have them hooked in an instant. What’s more, Niko has a neat slider, supports videos, mouse hover effects, loads content while you scroll and blog pages. With PetVet, you can promote all types of pet care, grooming, veterinary service, you name it. Of course, Dealers also rocks stunning shop and product pages, multi-level drop-down menu, newsletter subscription form and product slider. Offering responsive Joomla templates & free Joomla templates with 200+ Joomla template collection, 40+ Joomla extension library. Moreover, Travelo also practices all the current trends and regulations of the modern web. Explore over 7,200 website templates to design landing pages, portfolio sites, blogs, or corporate websites. With its clean and minimal appearance, you can put on display your outstanding services, portfolio and other useful information. After all, feel free to modify and fine-tune Aranoz to your likings or simply go with the out of the box version. Some other features of Farmie include a top bar, sticky menu, parallax effect, back to top button, shop section and blog module. Call centers are around for a long time and will not go anywhere any time soon. Be it consultancy, creative agency, tech startup, you name it, X-Corporation works with almost every industry. Along with the home design, you will also find other inner page layouts, blog and a contact section with Google Maps and an active form. Instead of solely relying on 3rd-party platforms, you can now bring into fruition your own hub where all the magic and good stuff happens. Copyright 2013-2021 Colorlib - All Rights Reserved. Hint: start practicing content marketing and expand your reach. Coza Store – hence the name – is a free HTML website template that helps with building online shops. For everyone who is interested in creating a personal website, Jony is an excellent alternative. A sign-up form welcomes all your users so they can take action or see pricing right off the bat. For fitness related websites and personal trainers, you guessed it, Trainer is one fantastic free HTML website template you can utilize. Do not stop, just go all in and make something special out of Frame. What’s more, it fits children’s schooling ideally. For all the bloggers out there who are after a design that does not follow the classic look entirely, Readit is the way to go. As a free HTML template, indeed, Dreams does require you to know how to do the coding work. However, if you dig the look as is, employ Gym2 out of the box, add your content and you are good to go. Tasty Recipes is an all-around free HTML website template for everything food-related. Even the pickiest ones will be impressed by the level of cleanness and expertness this tool brings to the table. Fitzone 2 has a sticky and transparent menu with drop-down function, supports video content and even contains a body mass index calculator section. In short, with TimeZone, you will stand out a mile, offering a pleasant experience browsing through your timepieces, as well as learning all the ins and outs of your brand. And if you need some inspiration, you can also check Divi examples and see others’ masterpieces. HTML University Page Template. Our templates are closely designed to maneuver the choices of wider user base. Website builders come with pre-designed templates that set the style, layout, and color scheme of your site. Animated stats, sections appearing seamlessly on scroll, sophisticated portfolio and contact form, Glint has it all ready for you to put it to use. Whether you’re looking to set up a simple website to promote your business or working on a niche content website, Free Google website templates offer you hassle free business website creation. And that’s something you need to make sure your website delivers, regardless of the industry you are in. Launching a fresh website with Launch will be quick and straightforward. Beautifully mixing white, black and gold colors to make a pleasant and very catchy appearance makes sure that everyone will enjoys browsing through your professional content. Website Templates Built for Brilliant Ideas. In other words, your wedding and event photography website will work smoothly on handheld and desktop devices. Hepta is a free HTML website for travel, tours and other tourism business intentions. The tool will quickly adapt to your needs and regulations, thanks to its amazing flexibility. Start with the right foot forward and take your bespoke business to new heights with MenzTailor. Moreover, Capture 2 is based on Bootstrap Framework, making sure the end product is flexible and extendable. The design of this nifty site canvas is very clean, making sure all your content comes into view stunningly. With the blog section, you can also start publishing practical articles and just about any other type of content that comes to mind. Mosh is a fantastic free website template for creative agencies. Be it marketing, design, SEO, you name it, Mosh is ready for all of them. Several of the specialties include slider, call-to-action buttons, consultation form, parallax effect and scrolling animations. Those two qualities are of the highest standards. HTML Workout Template. Of course, there is a horde more which you will discover when you decide to spend additional time to investigate Jevelin in great detail. But do not feel that you are limited in any way, as you can also adjust and improve the default settings of Reshape, so it matches your needs precisely. After all, the layout is pretty to the eye, professional, as well as follows all the latest trends in web development. Impressed, you sure will be. All the photographers out there, amateur and professional, showcase your works online with Boto. Hit the download button now and start experiencing the amazingness of Summit. You are not far away from attracting your first potential clients and start growing your business to new heights. You can now start building your very own job board platform without the need to begin from square one. Get our HTML5 responsive agency website templates and easily customize your agency template with our web design tools, site builder, and CMS today. Sure, the out of the box version is the one that will help your craft your page in little to no time. The template uses only the latest technologies to ensure great performance at all times. Still, even as a beginner, you will witness great results with it due to the friendly and organized code. Indeed, it is a free HTML website template, ideal for recipe type of pages. Large slider, multi-level drop-down and mega menus, Instagram feed, newsletter subscription and fully blog ready are some of the traits of the salivating Delicious. With Farmie, you can create an engaging slideshow, presenting the latest news and any other special content you would like to put an extra shine on. In the Medex kit, you will find all kinds of features. For every consultation firm out there, regardless of the industry and niche, they specify on, Consulotion is the free HTML website template for crafting enviable pages. It’s all possible. Still, you will save yourself a lot of time and energy on the journey of launching a directory web platform. Go ahead and find a suitable template for your website and give it a brand new look and enhanced functionality. However, if you truly want to do it with a one-of-a-kind website, then you should consider installing Boxus. You get a marvelous design that will promote your content first and foremost. Along with the nice assortment of home pages, Drimo also has predefined demos for expanding your landing page with a blog. To find the best free HTML website templates, you would probably need to spend countless hours searching the web. It is a modern, clean and creative web design which will help you push your specialties with a much wider audience. Call-to-action buttons, functional contact form, Google Maps and social media buttons are a few other specialties that Jony brings to the table. Kick off your journey to a successful launch of an eCommerce website with Aranoz and start your online business like a champ. This way, you save yourself a ton of effort and time while still keeping things at a professional level. As the name implies, The Charity is a free HTML website template for charities, NGOs, non-profit organization and fundraiser. If you are ready to make a change, you are ready for the outstanding Staging. For your information, Launch is best if you are working on a landing or one-page website. In addition to that, it also treats you to Google Maps integration and functional contact form. It is for all fresh businesses which are starting out and in need to gain as much recognition as fast as possible. Nurture is an exclusive free HTML website template for online/offline education. However, other businesses can benefit from CellOn, too. Photographers, photo studios, agencies, you name it, Mostudio is adaptive enough to work for multiple intentions. However, with the available one hundred and counting predefined website demos, you can quickly find the look that suits the intention best out of the box. Without the need to start from scratch, you can simply employ all the perks and goodies of Aznews and go from there. Smooth animations, video background, sticky navigation, testimonials and contact form, it is all there, waiting for you to put it to use.