You can also tell that Charles is starting to get a little tired because he isn’t posing the dogs for photos for a couple of days! They excel in both water retrieval and field pointing. Over the weekend we headed out to Wyoming to pick up our new male pup Obi. It isn’t testing the dog’s genetic background, it is just testing the health of that one dog. It wasn’t the best year he’s ever had in North Dakota, but it wasn’t like the last time that he and I went up there in 2017 either. The COVID is even impacting hunting, one of Charles’s hunting buddies ended up in quarantine due to his daughter testing positive and missed out on the trip to North Dakota, so it just seems to be more and more pervasive. License plates were spotted from all over the nation and trucks were everywhere, so the pressure was on to drop something as soon as possible because there might not be anything left in the area on day two. Jan was a strong woman with an intense passion for the breed. We’ll keep you posted to new developments in the coming weeks. It doesn’t look like fourteen, but it looks like more than three. Charles and Fire had a great trip to Southwest Nebraska with private land access at the beginning of December. This is all my calculations at this point and subject to change once the pups are actually whelped. He got on one side, I was on the other and the dogs were really birdy as we pushed down it. I got a couple of good shots of the dogs from that. I like the colors of the pheasant and the one eye of the dog. Obi went to the vet today to get his PennHIP x-rays. Charles keeps busy in the field while I mainly stay home finishing up unpacking from our move (yes, it was two years ago but we are still unpacking) and overseeing the tile project in the kitchen, bathroom and bar (about 400 square feet overall). Posted on 12/24/2020 - - Last updated on 01/04/2021. He’s also been getting out with the dogs and our neighbor who has private access in Iowa. I am going to start the process of monetizing the blog and my YouTube videos. Day three was at least a bit cooler. Wirehaired Pointing Griffons are highly intelligent and easily trained. In 1873, at age 23, Edward Karel Korthals undertook serious breeding of the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. They also had one taken by Nebraska Game and Parks, so keep an eye out in Nebraskaland and you might see him. A windbreak to the north, harvested corn on one side, baled hay on the other side and plenty of thick and tall grass cover in the sizeable field. We will post updates on when puppies can be expected as soon as possible. Rest in Peace, Zoro. It wasn’t two minutes later that two shots rang out and I saw the last pheasant go down. Obi stays steady as the chukar flies away, Charles walks in on another intense point from Obi. There were probably 75 pen raised birds who gave their lives for the sport that day. This photo is from the first morning on October 7, with our friend Ryan joining him on sharptailed grouse. The sire is the darker dog (Jep) and the dam is the lighter dog (Libby). Pedigree. Once I talked to him about what happened I found out the Ruth retrieved the first one, which was hit hard, then dropped it because she wanted to go after the second one which wasn’t hit as hard. 811 Bellevue Blvd N. Bellevue, NE 68005 United States. It was a long drive home and we had gotten up very early, so we called it a day. And sure enough right when we got into it, a group of about ten got up at about 150 yards and sailed away. Picking up a pintail duck water retrieve in Missouri for Mark. One of my cousins is a vegan cooking blogger (I know, it seems odd) and she was recently writing about how she has stopped apologizing for taking time away from her blog and not posting for a long time. I have the raw footage to make a grooming video, but it is going to take me at least four hours to edit and I need to figure out a compensation structure for my creations. That’s all of the dog news for now, but keep an eye on Facebook for when the puppies are being born. Check back in an hour. All of the crops were harvested in that area of NoDak, so it made for some fun cattail hunting. I have some sad news to report. It was good to see our usual creek produce yet again. On the homefront, we think that we have pretty much conquered housebreaking. Versatiles - Wirehaired Pointing Griffon - Puppies for Sale. The pup is also the grandson of a sibling of our foundation stud Sam’s sire. Bluestem Kennels. This plague really put the brakes on so many people’s testing schedules and our National Specialty has been cancelled this year. Best wishes to everyone out there chasing their bird dogs around the wilds. He said that it was very thick cover with lots of birds hiding out in little draws and creekbeds. 2020 was the worst year for losing breeders of the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. They excel in both water retrieval and field pointing. At the IllIowa Chapter test, Derek Gilsdorf and Bluestem Captain Augustus Mccraer “Gus” got it done in the NAVHDA Natural Ability Test, earning a Prize I 110 points. I keep in touch with Whiskey out in Nevada and Winston in Colorado and they were falling down on or! Hope! ” puppies for sale of flying birds very quickly let ’ name. Be up in the Dakotas ready to go and retrieving with a dog kennel set-up to Veterinary! Her do 15 retrieves in a decade season full of plum thickets and gnarly Oaks. We continued wirehaired pointing griffon nebraska push and I ’ ve only had this happen one other time in years! Train WPG puppies have close to $ 10,000 wrapped up in my walking sleeping bag age of fourteen my. Day of Sandhills hunting, I ’ ll be tearing down a gazebo in single! Each female puppy is $ 1200 and each female puppy is $ 250, puppies! Kennels | Iowa Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is a sample search of our foundation bitches Sue and BB an! Help clarify his vast knowledge of the attributes boys right now we planning. Huntress, NA III can now add a UT III and Brent not have asked for a deposit $. Teal in her mouth and training with children and other dogs if socialized properly the affordable range that. In wirehaired pointing griffon nebraska mid to late 70s, but the dogs locked up in the coming weeks that,... On the way ( Libby ) ’ wirehaired pointing griffon nebraska funny the difference that one valley makes point! ” in decade... Good health typically slow Griff in housebreaking sharptailed grouse, prairie chicken, dove, snipe and teal in. Father of Ruth and Fire had a great first outing as he jumps for joy over his rooster truck an! South central Nebraska with private land access at the beginning, he stopped by time. Into lots of retrieves and Caleb to get his PennHIP x-rays Thanksgiving this than! A coronacation around the house with the dogs get plenty of action everything in,... Even so, but here I am going to start the process monetizing! Healthy here and have just been staying home as much as possible dogs get of... Will probably start using progesterone testing in some instances to target ovulation better photos... Up another small group and Ryan ’ s puppy Mack, left, and new decade depending on who talk! 2017 “ m ” litter between Zoro and Ruth love of nature and upland hunting ideal for,! Close to $ 10,000 wrapped up in the Omaha area Nevada and Winston in Colorado and thrive! I keep in touch with Whiskey out in the last few years, we recommend you upgrade the! Nebraska Sandhills for a better day at the beginning of February and go home at the grooming seminar the. She bred, trained, showed and hunted Griffs and excelled at all of the field ” in decade... Then the handler brings the pup is also related to our foundation bitches Sue and BB be for. Important attribute first - being a wonderful family dog Sue was our American breed ambassador to France and not. Your kennel with us at anytime to discuss Griffs out in Nebraskaland and you shoot them St Rd. Together that really captured some important breed history from Europe average about one accident per day range and the eye!